The majority of Tibet's population of 1,890,000 are Tibetans. Tibet is so thinly populated that it averages out 1.6 8 persons per square kilometers. About 90% of the people live on farming and husbandry. Farmers live in the valleys of Tsangpo River (Brahmaputra) and its major tributaries Kyichu and Nursing-chu. The remaining population, approximately 10%, live in towns earning their living mainly on business and handicraft, and many are factory workers and government officials. They accumulate deeds of virtue and pray for the final liberation-enlightenment. Lips and hands of the elders are never at still, either busied in the murmuring of the six syllables mantic prayer OM Ma Ni Pad Me Hum (Hail the Jewel in the Lotus) or in the rotation of hand prayer wheels, or counting of the prayer beads. Pious pilgrims from every corner of Tibet day to day gather at Jokhang Temple and bharkor Street offering donations and praying for heart and soul for their own Selves, for their friends, and family.

Folks from agricultural regions dress in woolen home-woven gowns and those from the grassland clad in sheepskin. menfolk from chamdo wear huge tassels of black or red silk which were used in the old days for protection in the fight, while the Lhasa residents are more stylish and modern. Dialects in Tibetan are in variety, but mainly can be categorized into four: lhasa., Tsang (Shigatse and Gyantse), Chamdo and Amdo. Present Khada the white and a long narrow scarf made of silk embodies purity and good fortune is a common practice among the Tibetan people to express their best wishes on many occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, festivals, visiting the elders and the betters, and entertaining guests.

Proposing a Toast and Tea:

Proposing a Toast and Tea When you come to a Tibetan family, the host will propose a toast, usually barley wine. You should sip three times and then drink up.


Normally Tashi Delek is greeting to others. Don't forget to add "la" after saying hello to the Tibetan people to show respect. Make Way to others. Try not to make any sounds while eating and drinking.

Sky Burials:

Sky burial is a common form in Tibet. There are many prohibitions as strangers are not allowed to attend the ceremony, should respect this custom and keep away from such occasions.

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