Nepal is not famous for adventure and mountain tourism but it is more famous for its cultural diversity.  Nepal cultural sightseeing tour gives a valuable and rich experience with insight into Nepali lifestyles tradition, religion, festivals, ethnic groups, Language, colorful arts visiting most of UNESCO heritage site out of 10 in Nepal, sacred pilgrimage sites and historical monuments. Our professional tour guides will take you around culturally affluent cities and settlements in and around Kathmandu Valley where people from different religious backgrounds, caste and cultures are living in peace and harmony. Our Nepal cultural tour includes extra excitements of white water rafting, mountains, wild-life safari in nature, sunrise / set over the Himalayas. Holiday Mountain Treks invites and welcomes travel enthusiasts from all countries of the world to experience and enjoy personally all the time of the year. Simply ask us to customize the tour itinerary that best suits your interest, travel time and duration. 

Here are some of the best Nepal sight-seeing tours suitable for family, business, study, history visits tailoring exclusive information of sightseeing tours, all attractive sightseeing places, combined tours, cultural and historical tours, city tours, ethical/botanical/bird watching tours in Nepal.

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